PayPal and digital downloads problem


Hi Everyone!

After I read and tried all the different possibilities presented in the forum I am still not able to see the download link once the PayPal payment was done. Although It works fine with the option Cash On Delivery payment method.

This is my settings at the moment after I tried all unsuccessfully the many combinations suggested in the forum:

OpenCart v.
Products > Links > Downloads = OK
Settings > Default Store > Options > Order Status > Complete
Settings > Default Store > Options > Complete Order Status > Complete
Allowed Upload File Extensions > jpg, JPG, jpeg, gif, png, txt, pdf, PDF, mp3
Payment > PayPal Standard >
Canceled Reversal Status: Canceled
Completed Status: Complete
Denied Status: Denied
Expired Status: Expired
Failed Status: Failed
Pending Status: Pending
Processed Status: Processed
Refunded Status: Refunded
Reversed Status: Reversal
Voided Status: Voided
Geo Zone: All Zones
Status: Enabled

The payment works fine in the PayPal site but when the customer return to the shopping cart and click the download link it is not link to download the pdf file.

Thank you for any kind of help!



check filenames do no have spaces in them.

Hello uksitebuilder,
I've just tried with no spaces at all like 'jpg,JPG,jpeg,gif,png,txt,pdf,PDF,mp3' (without the quotes of course) and no positive results yet...

I didn't mean the extensions, I meant the actual filenames of the files you are uploading for download.

Actually this is the name of the file in question 'Information_e.version.pdf' (again, no quotes of course)

it could be the period (dot) you have in the middle of the filename

I've just tried with Information-e-version.pdf and nothing happened...

Is it a large file ? larger than the others that do download ?

The file size was not the problem neither, it was the same size that it was downloaded with the Cash payment methods option. Thank you 'uksitebuilder'!
So, after tried again I decided to reupload to the entire OpenCart, resulting in a blank page every single time after the information input for its installation. So, I contacted my web hosting server and asked if they can deleted every residual of any data base created, just in case that the new installation did found a 'conflict' (unknown by me).
So, I set the whole site with the uploaded files as previously were, before my first OpenCart installation, and with the same step by step and configuration I was able to successfully use PayPal and download the PDF document with no problem at all. The result is marvellous and I am a happy spirit (with a lack of sleep but really happy at the end ).
I did notice that when I deleted the old folders (not by using my FTP software but reviewing them from the online site panel provided by my web hosting server) that the OpenCart 'download' folder was checked to ask for user and password to access to it I speculate that such was the reason to why PayPal couldn't send back the complete order information to the shopping cart. Anyway, the problem was SOLVED.

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